Online Courses

Cycle Together courses help you achieve your cycling goals. Our online courses can be done at your convenience, at any time and in any place that suits you. These self-led courses are designed so you don’t need fancy kit, indoor trainers or lycra.

All Cycle Together memberships give you access to all our online courses, cycling coaches, bike mechanics and fitness professionals.

Check out some of the great benefits of our courses below!

Ride Smart, Achieve More!  

Elevate your cycling journey with our coach-designed plans that blend bike handling and fitness sessions with strength training. Whether it’s your first hour-long ride or conquering the 100-mile Ride London, unleash your potential through our online courses, propelling you towards your desired finish line.

Train on Your Own Terms 

With busy lifestyles, finding time for training can be challenging. Our online plans ensure you never miss a crucial session, you can set the pace.

Enrol, Connect, Thrive 

Join our courses, join our community. As a member of the Cycle Together community, you will be met with kindness and support from members, cycling coaches, bike mechanics and other cyclists in your local area.

Our Courses

Whether you are a first-time rider or a regular cyclist looking to improve your skills and fitness, our courses are tailored to suit your abilities and goals. They progressively build, so you are in complete control of your cycling journey. 

Novice Cyclists

Aimed at a rider who is getting into exercise for the first time or after a long pause. We aim to help you build up to riding 10-15k. 

Intermediate Cyclists

Aimed at a more experienced rider who cycles distances of about 15-25k for leisure. We aim to help you build up to riding 30-50k.

Beginner Cyclists

Aimed at a rider who commutes to work or rides distances of about 10-15k for leisure. We aim to help you build up to riding 15-25k.