In Person Courses

Cycle Together courses help you achieve your cycling goals. Our in-person courses are for anyone who feels nervous cycling in London and is looking for a cycling community.

All Cycle Together memberships give you access to all our courses, cycling coaches, bike mechanics and fitness professionals.

Check out some of the great benefits of our courses below!

Fitness for all 

If you are new to exercise or returning after some time off, our programs are for you. Our weekly in-person bike rides and training sessions for all fitness levels are designed to make you feel better physically and mentally as well as help you make friends. 

Skills to Empower Your Ride

Our in-person courses are geared to give you the skills to cycle. Our coached bike handling sessions, mechanic workshops, and route planning seminars will boost your confidence and enable you to unlock your local area on two wheels.

Enrol, Connect, Thrive 

Join our courses, join our community. As a member of the Cycle Together community, you will be met with kindness and support from members, cycling coaches, bike mechanics and other cyclists in your local area.

Our Courses

Whether you are a first-time rider or returning after some time off, these programs are for you. Our mix of in-person and online sessions are designed to progressively build.

Bike rides and workshops will be held on the weekend. There are mid-week evening bike training sessions as part of the Cycling Challenge course.

Novice and Beginner Courses

In this 4 week course, we aim to help you build up to riding for 1 hour continuously.

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Cycling Challenge Courses

In this 4-month course, we aim to help you build up to completing a cycling challenge such as London-Brighton or Ride London.

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